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Your guide to plant-based ingredients, ideas & inspiration.  It’s our monthly round up of revolutionary new food, exciting menu trends, Future 50 ingredients, world flavours and more to help you get delicious plant-based food on your menu.

April Flavours

This issue we’re celebrating Thai New Year, getting creative with jackfruit, and taking a look at why quinoa is a future 50 food not to be overlooked. Plus, don’t miss our plant-based take on the bold flavours of Brazilian cuisine!

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Thai New Year

Celebrate Thai New year with vibrant herbs and spices, and moreish sweet, salty and sour flavours. We’ve got all the authentic ingredients you need to create everything from fiery pad thai stir-fries, to comforting tom yum soup.

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Brazilian Cuisine

Influences from Europe, Africa and Japan make Brazilian food a diverse blend of traditions, techniques and tastes that range from subtly spicy to intensely savoury. Discover our plant-based take and all the ingredients you need to create this trending cuisine.

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Food Trends 2024

Our Chef has spotted some exciting new trends in the hottest restaurants and put together our plant-based take, so you can get the latest cuisine on your menu. For 2024 it's Basque and Brazilian, along with small but mighty South Asian small plates, sustainable and versatile Seaweed, and a look back at Ancestral dishes from the British Isles.

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Future 50 Foods

Browse our collection of specially selected, high nutritional value, and low environment impact ingredients and inspiration - a must-have trend for your plant-based menu. Plus, check out our Chef's new Future 50 recipes now available on Seed-bank.

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Introducing Seed-Bank

With scores of recipes nutritionally analysed and environmentally impact assessed, Seed-bank makes it simple for you to put exciting plant-based food on any menu. It’s easy to filter, either by meal occasion, main ingredient or world inspiration.

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New Food

To keep you one step ahead of the competition, our collection of new food includes everything from cutting-edge plant-based meat and fish alternatives to authentically sourced world ingredients, from the everyday to the rare and hard to find. 

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Plant Proteins

From fridge to fork in just a few minutes, there's nothing you can't do with this trio of Tofu, Tempeh and Seitan. And to make them even easier to use in the kitchen, all of these are available pre-marinaded and in a variety of flavours, fancy trying a smokey seitan or an Indian tofu?


Each with a subtle difference in taste and texture, our range of pulses will help you unlock a treasure trove of global cuisines. For even more ideas and recipe inspiration check out Seed-bank.co.uk.

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Over 70 New Recipes Now Available

Find all the recipe ideas and inspiration you need for your Veganuary menu.

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