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It’s not easy to keep up with the constantly evolving world of food. So we’ve made it simple for you to get innovative and exciting plant-based versions of trending dishes on your menu. We’ve got everything you need - just head over to for the full recipes and dive into our Larder for all the ingredients you need.


The rich umami flavour of this versatile ingredient, is essential in sushi and miso soup, but try it in place of tortilla wraps or ground into a seasoning powder.

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Influences from Europe, Africa and Japan make Brazilian food a diverse blend of traditions, techniques and tastes that range from subtly spicy to intensely savoury.

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This trend is all about using regional produce and often overlooked ingredients to revive simple, comforting recipes that have been served for generations.

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Welcome to the Future

Browse our collection of specially selected, high nutritional value, and low environment impact ingredients and inspiration - a must-have trend for your plant-based menu. Plus, check out our Chef's new Future 50 recipes now available on Seed-bank.

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Known for it’s hearty, warming, provincial flavours, this trend combines punchy Spanish boldness, French sophistication and simple cooking methods.

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South Asian Small Plates

They may be small but they’re mighty, packing a punch of flavour. So much more than just a side dish, the sheer variety of dishes make them sure-fire trendsetters.

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Food Trends 2024

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