About Us

We’re on a mission to fill your plate with plant-based goodness. We’re foodies who love the adventure of delivering new tastes to your dishes with the most vibrant, exciting and tasty ingredients you can find. And do it in a way that’s better for everyone, the planet and your business.

Our journey

Leading the way in plant-based eating for over 35 years, with a mission that has remained the same since we were founded over 35 years ago in 1987 by David Jonas.

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Missions and values

When you place emphasis on your values it is important to stay true to your beliefs. We pride ourselves in having core values that are ‘A force for good’.

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Proud to be a B Corp

There is a new way of doing business, where value is not just measured financially but also measured on the positive effect we have on the world around us.

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Over 1200 products, and 35 years’ experience

With over 35 years of experience and 1200+ plant-based ingredients in our larder, from cutting-edge plant-based meat alternatives to rare and hard-to-find grains and spices, we have all the ingredients and know-how you need to put amazing plant-based dishes on your menu.

A foodservice company you can trust

We know the level of service you need to run a commercial kitchen. That’s why we offer you next-day delivery on temperature-controlled vehicles across the UK. All our food is dispatched from our BRC-accredited facilities, and as a B Corp, you know we are doing business the right way.

Helping you make the most of plant-based

We make getting delicious plant-based food on your menu easy. Our chef can help with anything from a signature dish to whole menu development and our unique recipe portal, Seed-bank puts over 400 free inspirational plant-based recipes at your fingertips.

Impact Statements

Plant-based food uses fewer natural resources and creates much less greenhouse gases than meat. Did you know we can tell how much impact your entire business has made? Our impact report gives you the greenhouse gas emissions your business has saved by choosing to buy certain products from us rather than their meat equivalents.

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