Missions & Values

We’re on a mission to fill your plate with plant-based goodness which is better for people, the planet and your business.

We believe the future of food lies in a more plant-based diet which uses far fewer natural resources and helps control global warming by creating much less greenhouse gas. To find out more about the positive impact our business is having on the world click here.


Our values

One Team: We’ll come together to get things done in the right way

Respectful: We’ll treat everyone equally by always being honest and respectful

Empowered: We know our opinions count and we can all challenge the norm and make a difference in what we do

Believe in it: We love what we do and we embody the values of Vegetarian Express bringing it to life every day

Honest & realistic: We’ll proactively communicate with each other and will be clear with what can be done and when

Sharing knowledge: We’ll share our knowledge and experiences and actively look to learn from others

Own it: We’ll take ownership and always do what we say we’re going to


‘Our business’. A force for good.

We believe in the power of business to be a force for good in the world and our goal is to create a genuinely shared prosperity for all our stakeholders. That includes the interests of our workers, our community and our planet. This ambition runs deep within everything that we do. It’s important to be able to show to this wider stakeholder group how we measure, check and manage our social and environmental impact which is why we’re delighted to have been a certified B Corporation since 2019. Find out more here.

Our people. Our lifeblood.

We know it’s our people that make our business great and their understanding of how we are doing and what our plans are is an important part of our success. That’s why we share, transparently, in our regular staff briefings and company announcements, all important information relating to the running of the business. We are also intent on advancing equality and diversity in everything we do, not just because we believe this to be ethically right and socially responsible but also because we believe it to contribute to the strength and continued growth of our business.