B Corp

A new way of doing business

There is a new way of doing business, where value is not just measured financially but also measured on the positive effect we have on the world around us. Certified B Corporations (or B Corps) are businesses that meet the highest standards of social and environmental performance and demonstrate this impact in four ways:

  • The positive impact its operations have to the environment
  • How it treats and looks after its people and suppliers
  • Its positive effect on the communities in which they operate
  • Its governance and ethical approach to doing business

B Corps have their impact independently benchmarked and the results are transparently published online. Our scores are then audited every three years and changes to our scores published for all to see. You can see our impact scores online here or download a copy of our 2022-2023 impact report here.


We believe the future of food is plant-based, which uses fewer natural resources and creates much less greenhouse gas. This belief, along with the open and inclusive way we work with our people and suppliers, is one of the reasons we’ve been a B Corp certified company since 2019. Find out more about our plant-based mission here.

It means we join a growing number of like-minded companies across the globe who believe in the power of business to do good things. Find out more about our values here.