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Your guide to plant-based ingredients, ideas & inspiration.  It’s our monthly round up of revolutionary new food, exciting menu trends, Future 50 ingredients, world flavours and more to help you get delicious plant-based food on your menu.

Summer Flavours

In this bumper summer edition of Flavours you’ll find tonnes of seasonal menu inspiration. We’ve got original salad ideas and future 50 grains, as well as summer ready recipes from easy Italian to exotic Caribbean. Plus, our astonishing range of new plant-based cheeses.

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Caribbean Cuisine

Get a taste of the tropics on your menu for summer with Caribbean cuisine. The warming spice balanced with zingy fruitiness will get your customers talking. We’ve got all the authentic ingredients you need from ackees and callaloo to jerk seasoning and plantain.

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Salad Inspiration

Summer’s here and the living doesn’t get much easier (or more delicious) than these original and satisfying plant-based salad recipes. Get all the ingredients and ideas you need, from nutritious future 50 grains and pulses to flavour-packed oils, vinegars and deli ingredients.

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Wholesale Grains

A versatile store cupboard essential, explore our wide range of grains to add texture, flavour and nutrition in everything from salads to stews. Because of their low environmental impact and high protein and fibre content, many of them are also recognised as Future 50 Foods.

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New Food

To keep you one step ahead of the competition, our collection of new food includes everything from cutting-edge plant-based meat, fish and dairy alternatives to authentically sourced, rare world ingredients.

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Italian Ingredients

Elevate your Italian dishes this summer with authentic Mediterranean ingredients. From scratch cooking staples such as fregola sarda and orzo, to time-saving wonders like our ready-to-eat polenta and gnocchi. It’s all been tried and tested by our chef team to ensure only the tastiest ingredients make it into our Larder.

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Korean Cuisine

Full of bold flavours and vibrant colours, Korean cuisine doesn’t pull any punches when it comes to taste. Our collection of authentic Korean ingredients includes distinctive spice blends, pastes, and fermented ingredients. Everything you need to do Korean dishes the right way.

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Oils & Vinegars

From the earthy essence of truffles to the bright tang of citrus fruits, explore our collection of unique and hard-to-find oils and vinegars. They're perfect for drizzling, cooking, or creating your own signature dressings and marinades.

Deli Ingredients

Explore our range of sun-drenched Mediterranean deli ingredients. Just what you need for big ingredient statements and lazy summer casual dining. Whether you’re using them on their own for deli platters or in Italian specialties, get inspired for your summer menu with these Italian essentials.

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Inspirational Recipes

Seed-bank makes it simple for you to put vibrant exciting plant-based food on any menu.

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