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Your guide to plant-based ingredients, ideas & inspiration.  It’s our monthly round up of revolutionary new food, exciting menu trends, Future 50 ingredients, world flavours and more to help you get delicious plant-based food on your menu.

June Flavours

Dive into June’s Flavours and discover mind-blowing plant-based sushi, on-trend Basque dishes, how to spice up your BBQ with house rubs and original plant-based burger ideas.

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From cutting-edge fish alternatives to sushi essentials like nori, ginger and wasabi, we have everything you need to nail the delicate flavours and visual appeal of classic Japanese Cuisine.

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Plant-based Burgers

We've got summer burger specials sorted: from the pure indulgence of our All American Mac n Cheese Burger to our Plant-Based Premium Hamburger, banging on the barbecue and perfect in the pan.

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New Food Trend: Basque

Cuisine Basque country is known for hearty, warming dishes packed with local ingredients and coastal flavours. This trend combines punchy Spanish boldness, French sophistication, and simple cooking methods.

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Future 50 Foods

Browse our collection of specially selected, high nutritional value, and low environment impact ingredients and inspiration - a must-have trend for your plant-based menu. Plus, check out our Chef's new Future 50 recipes now available on Seed-bank.

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Introducing Seed-Bank

With scores of recipes nutritionally analysed and environmentally impact assessed, Seed-bank makes it simple for you to put exciting plant-based food on any menu. It’s easy to filter, either by meal occasion, main ingredient or world inspiration.

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New Food

To keep you one step ahead of the competition, our collection of new food includes everything from cutting-edge plant-based alternatives for meat, fish and even dairy all the way to authentically sourced world ingredients, from the everyday to the rare and hard to find.

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Seaweed is a sustainable ingredient, rich in vitamins and is recognised as a Future 50 Food. While its rich umami flavour has made it an essential component in sushi and miso soup, it is increasingly used in new and imaginative ways. Check out Seed-bank for seaweed recipe ideas.

Herbs and Spices

We've made it our mission to search out rare and hard-to-find ingredients from all corners of the globe. You’ll find all the authentic, vibrant herbs and spices you need for your store cupboard in our larder.

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Over 70 New Recipes Now Available

Find all the recipe ideas and inspiration you need for your Veganuary menu.

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