No compromise.

It looks like lamb, tastes like lamb, cooks like lamb, so it’s
difficult to believe it’s not lamb. This brand new, innovative
plant-based meat is the only product we know that has
nailed the texture and taste of slow roast lamb. It’s deep,
rich, meaty flavour opens up endless possibilities in the
kitchen and is an exciting, game-changing product in
plant-based dining.

[MOCK]® Lamb Vindaloo

Brand new to the market. This innovative product has the
texture of slow roasted lamb. Meaty flavour profile and no
seasoning required. Really versatile, so brilliant in curry or
stir frys, but also amazing used in traditional lamb dishes.

[MOCK]® Lamb • 1kg • MOCKL  

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Lancashire Hot Pot

If you can do it with lamb, you can do it with [MOCK]®.
From traditional British Hot Pots, and Stews through to
Burritos, Kebabs, Shawarma and other exciting pan Asian
dishes it’s all now possible.

[MOCK]® Lamb • 1kg • MOCKL  

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[MOCK]® Chicken Fillet Burger

Just look at that! Watch out Colonel, this vegan chicken fillet burger is next level. Thick crispy batter, and mind blowing vegan ‘chicken’.

[MOCK]® Chicken Fillet Burger • 10x100g • MOCKCHBUR


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[MOCK]® Kung Pow Chicken

Pop Pop Pop. These tasty little bites of vegan goodness are a great starter or snack.


[MOCK]® Chicken Popcorn • 1kg • MOCKCHPO  

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