Know Your Beans!

Beans and other legumes are among some of the most versatile and nutritious foods. With an array of health benefits such as being low in fat and a good source of protein, beans are a great meat substitute! If you would like help and advice unclear on preparing and cooking with beans, check out our Know your beans guide!


Check out our selection of exclusive videos to find out more about vegetarianism and how to get the best out of your vegetarian ingredients using a variety of Vegetarian Express products. If you’re stuck for vegetarian recipe ideas we’re here to help. Top chef Paul Gayler MBE will inspire you to get more creative with our vegetarian menus.

Our Recipes

Fancy adding a new vegetarian dish to your menu? Take a look at our wide range of delicious and innovative vegetarian recipes. From tagines to salads, curries and delicious muffins, you can be sure to find something that suits your menu. All our recipes have clear methods for you to follow, and a selection of recipes feature nutritional analysis to help you easily cater for your health conscious customers.

Paul’s Recipes

We’ve partnered up with top chef Paul Gayler MBE to bring you some vegetarian recipe inspiration! Sharing his many years of culinary expertise, Paul’s delicious and easy to follow recipes appeal not only to vegetarians, but provide tasty dishes that all your customers will love!

"My relationship with Vegetarian Express goes back over many years, their expertise in sourcing new ingredients to match emerging trends is an enormous help to chefs. They are always forward thinking, proactive and offer dynamic support to our chefs creating innovative menus and solutions for today’s busy kitchens."

David Mulcahy, Craft and Food Development Director,
Sodexo UK & Ireland