Our People

David Jonas

Founder & Director

David began his career as a Civil Engineer in the Middle East, before founding the company in 1987 – after becoming a vegetarian himself in the pursuit of optimum health. This combined with his passion for environmental issues (dating back to his student days) inspired the massive career shift into specialist foodservice distribution. Leading the Financial Management Team at our East Sussex office, David is the heart and soul of the company, constantly pushing boundaries and driving innovation.

Email: davidj @ vegexp.co.uk

Tim Kelly

Executive Chairman

Tim has worked in the food and drink industry all his life including companies such as Unilever, Coca Cola, Diageo and Premier Foods; working across many countries and in various capacities. More recently Tim has worked advising companies as how to realise their potential. Tim joined us in October 2016 as Executive Chairman and is excited to build on our successes and to accelerate our growth.

Email: timkelly @ vegexp.co.uk

William Matier

Managing Director

A committed foodie, Will joined Veg Express in 1991. The son of a beef farmer in Northern Ireland, Will’s somewhat controversial career choice was first inspired by a college girlfriend who refused to cook meat! A lover of cooking and fine dining, his passion for vegetarian ingredients teamed with his obsession for superior customer service, has helped see Vegetarian Express flourish. Outside of VE, Will strives to combine his main interests of cooking, motorcycles and adventure travel.

Email: willmatier @ vegexp.co.uk

James Melville-Jackson

Chief Operating Officer

James has worked for a number of companies in the food and drinks industry during his 20 year Finance career. Outside of work he enjoys a variety of foods, home cooking and dining out when the opportunity arises. James joined us in 2016 and is responsible for Finance, IT and Purchasing.

Email: JamesMelville-Jackson @ vegexp.co.uk

Phil Dickens

Transport Manager

One of our longest standing members of the team, Phil can still remember the early days of Vegetarian Express – although a little hazy! When he’s not keeping our fleet moving, Phil is occupied by his hobby, classic American cars & Dragster racing! He also enjoys History & Archaeology.

Email: phild @ vegexp.co.uk

Pranav Sood

Head of Growth Acceleration

Pranav joined the business in 2017 and is responsible for a range of projects to accelerate our growth. Prior to Vegetarian Express, Pranav spent five years at Bain & Company, working globally with businesses of all shapes and sizes – including several in food and distribution. He loves travelling, good food and wine and is a keen (but not always successful) cook.

Email: pranavsood @ vegexp.co.uk

Manish Panchal

Purchasing Manager

Manish has over 10 years’ experience in the food industry; before joining Vegetarian Express he worked in purchasing for an artisan bakery in London. In charge of maintaining stocks,  Manish is also always looking for exciting & trendy new products to keep us innovating. He likes all kinds of sports and plays cricket, tennis and volleyball when he gets a chance!

Email: manishpanchal @ vegexp.co.uk

Philip Crawford

IT Manager

Anything that can be plugged, charged or connected – Philip is our man! When he’s not fulfilling his role as IT Manager, Philip is an instructor at his local Air Training Corps. Combine this with his unhealthy interest in model garden railways, he is always on the go!

Email: philipcrawford @ vegexp.co.uk

Tracy Moore

Sales Manager

Tracy has been part of the team for 6 years. Responsible for keeping the Sales office on their toes, when she isn’t looking after everyone in the office, she loves spending most of her time running around, spending money on her daughter. Complete with a few glasses (bottles) of vino on the sofa, watching the scariest film she can find!

Email: tracymoore @ vegexp.co.uk

Magda Struzyna

Technical Manager

A new addition to the team, Magda has over 7 years’ experience in the Food Safety Environment. Responsible for all technical aspects of the business, making sure that the company and its products are compliant with the relevant food regulations and legislation while always striving for higher quality standards. She combines business with a passion for food, however she spends every free minute in the gym.

Email: magdastruzyna @ vegexp.co.uk

Karla Keaney

Business Development Manager

Joining the team over nine years ago in our sales department, Karla’s dedication to Veg Express has seen her progress to become our Business Development Manager. Known amongst her friends as the ‘Social Butterfly’, if Karla’s not whipping up something delicious in the kitchen, she would most likely be found discovering culinary & dining delights in a range of establishments.

Email: karlakeaney @ vegexp.co.uk

Roger Sechiari

Marketing Manager

A lover of motorbikes, premium sound systems and all things techie; Roger came from the BMW Group and is a fantastic asset to the Vegetarian Express team. Fuelled by Haribo, Roger loves pondering over a good fact – a secret weapon at any pub quiz! (Depending on drinks consumed!)

Email: rogersechiari @ vegexp.co.uk

Billy Nealis

Warehouse Manager

Billy has been with us for over tens years so certainly knows his stuff! He can be found most weekends enjoying a decent red wine whilst listening to his preferred country music.  Always one to take pride in his work – our tidy warehouse has to be seen to be believed!

Email: BillyNealis @ vegexp.co.uk

Manda Walker


Manda has been in the business world for eighteen years with plenty of experience built up along the way!

Her career includes seven years at BBC Worldwide and when she is not not working, she is always busy running round after her two little ones!

If she does get a free minute or two in the day, you will probably find her engrossed in a good book!


Ash Choudhury

Field Sales Executive

An ardent Liverpool FC fan (although he claims he’s seldom had the chance to use his season ticket in the five years he’s been at Vegetarian Express), Ash is always on the go – whether out on the road, getting fit or entertaining his friends & family.

Email: ashchoudhury @ vegexp.co.uk

Becca Sharp

Assistant Manager

Becca studied Forensic Science at college followed by Biomedical Science at Uni.  She later enjoyed travelling around Europe as Cabin Crew where she found herself enjoying the odd tipple (vodka if you’re buying). In her free time she can be found chilling with friends and family.

Email: beccasharp @ vegexp.co.uk

Winfield (Winnie) Brown

Account Manager

Part of the team for over eight years, Winnie spends most of his time avoiding his two daughters who enjoy spending all his hard earned money. Another avid footie fanatic, Winnie is also a proud and dedicated Chelsea FC supporter – come on you blues!

Email: winfieldbrown @ vegexp.co.uk

Liz Tait

Account Manager

With over ten years experience in hospitality, seven of which at Veg Express, Liz brings with her a wealth of knowledge of all things culinary. She is also a freelance artist - her chosen tools are ink, bleach and acrylic; if she could do it all again, Liz would come back as a chef cooking up a daily whirlwind of culinary delights!

Email: liztait @ vegexp.co.uk

Steve Clarke

Account Manager

When not grooming his beard Steve is a passionate photographer and keen martial artist.  He recently returned from a trip to the Rainforests in Malaysia where he met some very friendly orangutans; he hopes to make it to Sri Lanka later this year!

Email: steveclarke @ vegexp.co.uk

Georjia Watson

Account Manager

Georjia has recently joined us and quickly made herself at home!

She loves a cheeky wine or two to help relax after a thorough session of retail therapy.

When not at work discussing food, she enjoys eating it with her friends and family.

Email: georjiawatson @ vegexp.co.uk

Megan Saunby

Admin Assistant

A new addition to the inbound team! Megan is an administrator by day and a game developer by night; she is currently working on designing her own RPG game, which she hopes to eventually publish online. She is also a fantastic baker and spends a lot of time in the kitchen at home preparing delicious bread – taking full advantage of our range of ingredients.

Email: megansaunby @ vegexp.co.uk

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