Golden Fillet

20x75g • OMNGOFIL • 

One of the Nation’s favourites! This battered, fish-less wonder has an amazing cod-like flavour and texture and cooks up in under 5 mins. Just add a  splash of cider vinegar and a sprinkling of sea salt. 

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Ocean Fingers

40x25g • OMNFIFIN •

Flaky texture of white fish in a superb crunchy breadcrumb coating. Great for kids or for a grown-up taco or po boy baguette.

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Ocean Burger

18x75g • OMNOBUR •

This crispy golden breadcrumb coated, flaky fish-less burger is a stunner. Pan or deep fry or bake it in the oven. Pair it  with a tangy slaw and you’ll have bossed it (burgerwise).

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Omni Crab Cake

12x30g • OMNCRAB • 

These cakes make a  classic starter or classy main. Whether you pan fry these from thawed or frozen they seal really well on the outside giving a crispy, authentic texture.

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Classic Fillet

30x50g • OMNCLFIL •

These uncoated fish-less fillets have a familiar fishy texture and flavour, and come in consistent portions ready for you to add to any dishes in which you’d use a white fish fillet. Can be cooked from frozen and are perfectly at home in the pan, deep fryer or oven.

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