The Vegetarian Butcher’s meat substitutes are at the cutting edge of plant-based foods. Used in everyday dishes, they are a delicious way to delight customers who are looking for exciting vegan & vegetarian dishes — or for those simply wanting to reduce the amount of meat they eat. Here are some of the products we have on offer exclusively at Vegetarian Express:

NEW NoChicken Chunks (IQF)

Sensational taste and tenderness. Perfect in curries, salads and most recipes you’d use chicken in. Convenient individually quick frozen format - easy to grab what you need.

1.75kg (approx 60g serving) • CHICHU1.75KG • Frozen Vegan


NEW NoChicken Shawarma (IQF)

Practically indistinguishable from the real thing, yet 100% plant-based. Great in a couscous salad, or traditionally served in pita bread.

2kg (approx 80g serving) • CHISHA2KG • Frozen Vegan


NEW NoChicken Teriyaki (IQF)

Marinated in Japanese soy sauce. Serve with rice or noodles.

1.75kg (approx 60g serving) • CHITER1.75KG • Frozen Vegan


NEW NoMeatballs Small (IQF)

Juicy vegetarian mini meatballs - even better than er... meatballs!

2kg (approx 70g serving) • MEATBALLS2KG • Frozen