New Food

Our search for the most innovative plant-based ingredients and ideas never ends.
Here’s a selection of our latest new food, enjoy!

NEW Heura Plant-based Chorizo

This new chorizo packs a punch in the taste department. It has a smoky flavour from the paprika seasoning and is delicious when grilled or pan fried. Pairs well with red peppers, tomatoes and spices. Overall an outstanding addition to any menu.

Heura Plant-based Chorizo (24 x 54g)
1.29kg • HEUCHOR •   


NEW Heura Plant-based Sausages

These amazing plant-based sausages have a smokey flavour and are perfect for breakfasts, in a hot dog or served with onions. Get this versatile ingredient on your menu!

Heura Plant-based Sausages (24 x 54g)
• HEUSAUS •   

NEW Plant-based Mascarpone

Our new Plant-based Mascarpone has an exquisite smooth texture, great for combining with salads as well as for making pasta sauces creamy. It works well in desserts, especially tiramisu and cheesecakes.

Plant-based Mascarpone
500g • MASCA •   

NEW Gluten Free Dough Balls

We’ve finally found it - fantastic gluten free, vegan dough balls! Brilliant for making your own rustic pizzas, foccacia, cheese twists and more.

Gluten Free Dough Balls
10x280g • PIZZDOUGH •   

NEW Plant-based Mushroom Steak

With an already earthy flavour these juicy mushroom steaks can be seared in a pan, to caramelise and add extra flavour and bite. Add a knob of plant-based butter and a clove of garlic to finish, just like you would to glaze a rump steak.

Plant-based Mushroom Steak
30x80g • MUSTEA •  

Plant-based Mushroom Steak Rib Eye
20x150g • MUSTEARE •  


NEW Plant-based Hamburger

An impressively rich and meaty plant-based alternative to a burger. Great chargrilled to add a smokiness and flavour but just as good simply fried in a pan.

Plant-based Hamburger
23x110g • BURHAM •   

NEW OmniPork Plant-based Pork-style Mince

OmniPork is a unique combination of Shiitake mushrooms, pea, non-GMO Soy and rice. But in practice, with a rich meaty flavour and tender yet juicy texture which helps it to take on lots of additional flavour with ease, it’s just like the real thing!

OmniPork Plant-based Pork-style Mince
250g • OMNPO •  

OmniPork Plant-based Pork-style Mince
1kg • OMNPO •  

NEW Improved Curry Pastes and Chutneys

We’ve been developing our range of Indian Curry Pastes, Chutneys and Pickles to be better than ever. More authentic, more variety, more flavour.

1kg Chutneys and Pickle •  
Tomato Chutney (CHUTOM), Caramelised Red Onion Chutney (CHUCARRED), Tamarind Chutney (CHUTAM), Aubergine Pickle (CHUAUB), Premium Mango Chutney (CHUMAN).
1kg Curry Pastes •  
Balti Paste (PASTEBAL1), Tikka Masala Curry Paste (PASTETIK1), Rogan Josh Curry Paste (PASTEROG1), Madras Paste (PASTEMAD1), Tandoori Paste (PASTETAN1), Korma Paste (PASTEKOR1), Vindaloo Pastee (PASTEVIN1).

NEW Notorious Nooch

Get the UK’s first naturally flavoured nutritional yeast flakes. Available in Smoky Bacon & Cheesy Immature. 100% Vegan. Gluten-Free. GMO-Free. Recyclable.

Notorious Nooch - Immature Cheese
100g • NOOCH •  

Notorious Nooch - Smoky Bacon
100g • NOOCHBA •  

NEW Omni Fish

Omni’s new seafood series has reached a new milestone in fish-less dishes and is quite simply Om!azing.

Classic Fillet
30x50g • OMNCLFIL •  

Golden Fillet
20x75g • OMNGOFIL •  

Ocean Fingers
40x25g • OMNFIFIN •  

Omni Crab Cake
12x30g • OMNCRAB •  

Ocean Burger
18x75g • OMNOBUR •