What is Heura?

Heura® is part of a new generation of 100% plant proteins made from legumes. Primarily soya protein for the chicken-style products and pea protein for the beef-style products. Plus a little water, extra virgin olive oil, spices, salt, aromas and Vitamin B12.

When it comes to meat-alternatives Heura® has raised the bar. These incredibly versatile products are the best
in the business.

Just like animal meat!

Heura® is the result of two years of specialist research in order to achieve the best texture and flavour. How do we do it? Through a process of extrusion that uses humidity and a mixture of natural aromas.

With amazing texture, flavour and visual, it’s hard to believe this is not animal meat.

NEW Heura ChoriBurger

This new burger has a smoky flavour from the paprika seasoning and is delicious when grilled or pan fried. Pairs well with red peppers, aioli and spices. Overall an outstanding addition to any menu.

Heura ChoriBurger
10x110g • BURCHOR • 

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NEW Heura Plant-based Chorizo

This is just like a traditional Spanish Chorizo. The only difference? It’s plant-based. That is really it.

Heura Plant-based Chorizo
1.29kg • HEURCHOR • 

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NEW Heura Plant-based Sausages

These amazing plant-based sausages have a smokey flavour and are perfect for breakfasts, in a hot dog or served with onions. Get this versatile ingredient on your menu!

Heura Plant-based Sausages
(24 x 54g ) 1.29kg • HEUSAUS •   

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Heura Chicken Chunks

Ready to pan fry to get really crispy chicken pieces or add to a curry where the chunks will take on the flavour of the spices. High in protein and fibre.


Heura Original Plant-based Chicken Chunks
2.5kg • HEUCHUNK   

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Heura Plant Burger

The combination of a meaty texture from the pea protein and the extra virgin olive oil make this plant based burger extra succulent when grilled. The natural beetroot colouring in the patty will make people believe its’ the real thing.


Heura Plant-based Burgers • 2.5kg • HEUBUR   

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Heura Chicken Nuggets

Approved by children in blind taste tests these Heura nuggets are better than the real thing. Gluten free and high in fibre so they’re great for everyone, not to mention delicious.


Heura Original Plant-based Chicken Nuggets
2.5kg • HEUNUG   

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Heura Chicken Strips

Perfectly cut to add to stir fries or pasta and ready to cook straight from the freezer in less than 5 minutes. Gluten free and no shrinkage make these strips an amazing meal solution.


Heura Original Plant-based Chicken Strips
2.5kg • HEUSTRI   

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What is Heura’s nutritional value?

We don’t settle for a product that’s only great flavour-wise; we also raise the bar when it comes to nutrition.