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A revolutionary new plant protein is born: a unique combination of Nordic oats, beans and love. It’s juicy and spicy-loving texture is perfect for frying. Pulled Oats® is pure goodness. And you can count all of its ingredients on one hand. No additives, fillers, preservatives or any other weird stuff. Nada, zip, zero! Use Gold&Green® as your base, add your desired flavours and watch as they fly out of the kitchen.

Pulled Oats® Veggie Mince

Pulled Oats® tender, chewy structure absorbs flavours well and makes it easy to use in all kinds of dishes. Pulled Oats® is 100% animal free, high in protein and has no soy or additives. It’s super versatile and can be used in both warm and cold dishes. It’s also pre-cooked and therefore fast to prepare!

G&G Pulled Oats® • 1.5kg OATPUL

Chilli Recipe

Bahn Mi Recipe

Pulled Oats® Balls

Nordic Oat Balls are not only convenient and a loved format of meatless balls but a healthy choice due to high protein and fiber with no additives.

G&G® Nordic Oat balls™ • 1.5kg OATBALLS

Dahl Recipe

Gnocchi Recipe

Pulled Oats® Meze Balls

These small balls with fantastic flavour sourced from the Middle East are perfect for wraps, salads or in whatever style you like. Also great for frying or roasting in the oven. Quick and simple!

G&G® Nordic Oat balls™ Meze • 1.5kg OATMEZ

Kerala Curry Recipe

Pulled Oats® Burger

A mouth watering burger patty with excellent structure that will win over any burger lover. They are made of the same familiar ingredients that our Pulled Oats® are, so besides the excellent structure they offer very high nutritional value too! High in protein and with no soy or additives.

G&G® Nordic Oat burger™ • 20 x 80g OATBUR

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