Impeccable provenance

It’s not often you get outstanding plant-based bakery and impeccable provenance but Forno d’Asolo delivers both. Their range of artisan pastries, cakes and breads has been handed down through generations of bakers and their plant-based range is made with the same dedication to fine ingredients and traditional craftsmanship.


A range of traditionally made breads bought up to date with three stunning and imaginative flavour profiles. These gorgeous breads will outshine the accompaniments.

Turmeric • 36x90g • TURBREA •  

Beetroot • 36x90g • BEEBREA •  

Cereal • 36x90g • CERBREA •  


Made to an authentic Italian recipe but completely dairy free. Available in four on–trend flavour profiles they are light, flaky and everything you’d expect fine pastries to be.

Plain • 45x65g • CROISPLA •  

Raspberry & Elderflower • 45x65g • CROISRAE •  

Chocolate • 40x85g • CROISCHOC •  

Charcoal Croissant

For something slightly different, why not try this blackened croissant. Impressive on plate and as tasty as all the other flavours.

Charcoal • 45x65g • CROISCCOAL •  



The heart of any Itallian meal these beautiful vegan focaccias are packed with flavour and texture.

Pumpkin • 5x600g • FOCPUM •  

Multigrain • 5x625g • FOCMUL •  


Delicate and delicious and packed with zingy and indulgent fillings these tarts have a crisp tasty pastry that you’d not expect to be dairy free.

Lemon and Ginger • 900g • TARTLG •  

Raspberry & Elderflower • 900g • TARTRE •