Vegan Junk Food

It’s time to get filthy with vegan. This is all about taste. Dribbling, oozing, self-indulgent taste.

The team behind London restaurant chain Biff’s Jack Shack have been called ‘vegan junk food gods’ and with their new product lines, prove once and for all that plant-based does not mean compromise, and is not just for vegans.


Handmade, unprocessed braised jackfruit is double-dipped in a panko crumb and fried to create the ultimate meatlike texture. It’s then made into frozen burger-patties and wingz. And this isn’t hard work. All you need is a deep fat fryer and strong desire to serve up some indulgent plant power to a hungry crowd.

NEW Biff’s Jackfruit Burger • BURJACB
NEW Biff’s Jackfruit Wings • WINJACB

The most realistic vegan wing ever

Wow your crowd with tender jackfruit wingz in Biff’s secret spice mix, coated with delicious panko breadcrumbs. All crafted by hand with a sugarcane bone for that I-can’t believe-its-not-chicken experience.

Jack Tower

A gut buster of a burger made with a Biff’s Patty, hash brown, vegan cheese and topped with cracked black pepper mayo.

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Cha Cha Wingz

Biff’s Wingz with a squeeze of sriracha and mayo, then topped with coriander.

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